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Model and Size

  • A2TP141T18 4 MM 1-Side, 122x244 cm
  • A2TP441T18 4MM, 61x122 cm
  • A2TP191T18 9 MM 1-Side, 122x244 cm
  • A2TP491T18 9MM, 61x122 cm
  • A2TP492T18 9MM 2-Side, 61x122 cm
  • A2TP121T18 12MM 1-Side, 122x244 cm
  • A2TP421T18 12MM, 61x122 cm
  • A2TP122T18 12MM 2-Side, 122x244 cm
  • A2TP422T18 12MM 2-Side, 61x122 cm
  • A2TP452T18 15MM 2-Side, 61x122 cm

Sole Plywood White

Model and Size

  • A2TP163T18 6MM, 122x244 cm
  • A2TP463T18 6MM, 61x122 cm
  • A2TP123T18 12MM, 122x244 cm
  • A2TP423T18 12MM, 61x122 cm
  • A2TP183T18 18MM, 122x244 cm
  • A2TP483T18 18MM, 61x122 cm

Sole Plywood Black

Model and Size

  • A2TP164T18 6MM, 122x244 cm
  • A2TP464T18 6MM, 61x122 cm
  • A2TP124T18 12MM, 122x244 cm
  • A2TP424T18 12MM, 61x122 cm
  • A2TP184T18 18MM, 122x244 cm
  • A2TP484T18 18MM, 61x122 cm