Our EUDE Nautic product range includes various accessories for boats and for other markets. We can develop almost any kind of teak product. The accessory products is made from the same high quality logs we use for the tables and the decking. Not to be mixed up with other waste wood products.

This is just examples of what we can do, feel free to make suggestions. For suggestions or information about where to purchase, use the contact form.

You can download the catalog, here.

EUDE Nautic - Flagpole

A flagpole is an important accessory and requires high quality. This flagpole comes in 4 different sizes and made to resist weather and wind. A SS socket is included.

Model and Size

  • AMBX060T15 600 mm
  • AMBX075T15 750 mm
  • AMBX090T15 900 mm
  • AMBX125T15 1250 mm

EUDE Nautic - Handrails

When it comes to safety, you need nothing but the best. Our handrails cannot be mixed up with other poor quality teak products. You have a choice of 1 - 7 Loops.

Model and Size

  • AMXX033T15 1-Loop L=13"
  • AMXX058T15 2-Loops L=23"
  • AMXX084T15 3-Loops L=33"
  • AMXX109T15 4-Loops L=43"
  • AMXX134T15 5-Loops L=53"
  • AMXX160T15 6-Loops L=63"
  • AMXX185T15 7-Loops L=73"

EUDE Nautic - Tray, Marine

This popular tray in marine style is perfect for your boat or in the garden.

Model and Size

  • AETN058T14 58cm x 38cm

EUDE Nautic Accessories - Ladder

Can be folded into size 46 x 36.7 x 46 cm.

Model and Size

  • AMXF046T17 46 x 47.6 x 46 cm

EUDE Nautic Accessories - Foldable Step Box

Can be folded into size 11.3 x 45 x 45 cm.

Model and Size

  • MXXF045T18 54 x 45 x 45 cm

EUDE Nautic - Toilet Lids

This Marine style toilet lid in caulked teak can be fastened onto the existing toilet ring using the existing hinges.

Model and Size

  • TL43 401mm x 362mm
  • TL33 313mm x 318mm
  • TLR4 375mm x 351mm
  • TLR3 365mm x 312mm

EUDE Nautic - Storage boxes

Storage boxes in different sizes for all your needs. Combine different sizes to fit into each other to reduce the freight cost.

Model and Size

  • AETX048T14 Model A- 45cm x 31cm x 13cm
  • AETX040T15 Model B- 40cm x 14cm x 12cm
  • AETX028T15 Model C- 28cm x 20cm x 12cm
  • AETX020T15 Model D- 20cm x 14cm x 12cm

EUDE Nautic - Cupholder, Duo

Model and Size

  • Cupholder Duo 190 mm x 160 mm