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Quality on Products & Production

paroduct-main-setupEuroDesigns CNC-cutters make sure that tolerances and variations between and within the products are kept to an absolut minimum.

EuroDesign adopts the assembly techniques to best suit the conditions at each customer’s site of production.

As a result, EuroDesign has developed a series of new solutions and products; for example a special teak deck screw, a carbonate free epoxy backing (pat. pend.),and a glue spreading device (pat. pend.).


Customer logotypes can etched or cut out on products by CNC and are especially in demand on the wide assortment of caulked teak table tops.

Raw Materials

After a lengthy and thorough durability test on selected teak wood from various locations and countries, the final report from The Swedish Institute of Wood Science in Uppsala, Sweden, established that the geografical location of the teak forests is of no importance for the teak wood product quality.


Of most importance is the accuracy and carefulness in the selection of raw material – and its proper maintenance for the future life span of the product.